Artist Spotlight: Kathryn Jenkins

At Bar Bar Black Sheep, we always like to showcase local artists from time to time. This week we hand over to Kathryn Jenkins to talk about her art, how she creates it and what it's like to be starting out displaying her work for the first time ...

It has been a year since I first put my art up in Bar Bar Black Sheep, and I am forever grateful to the Black Sheep Collective team for that first opportunity to display my artwork. I was not a confident artist, and I had a lot of harsh criticism for myself and my work.

I was frightened of taking leaps and I was even more terrified of showing my work to other people in a professional capacity because if they agreed my work sucked, it meant all my fears might come true.

"Those fears were fantasy!"

Luckily, spaces like Bar Bar Black Sheep help people show their true colours, and support artists spreading their creative wings for the first time. The experience I have had displaying art at Bar Bar has been an overwhelmingly positive one. The staff at Bar Bar are lovely, welcoming, and fun-loving, and the art community in Milton Keynes continues to inspire.

The artwork I have up at Bar Bar is an eclectic mix of ideas from detailed ink paintings of ocean sea creatures all the way through to dip pen illustrated, skull-headed witches. I have a great love for fantasy, horror and science fiction and love the works of Giger, Brom, and Hayao Miyazaki.

Most of my work uses traditional India ink on various paper types, with a dip pen (also known as a nib pen). I love the organic feel of traditional art over digital, and many of my colour paintings are inks watered down to act like watercolour. I'm inspired every day by nature, folklore, mythology - especially mythology - and Grimm fairy tales. The natural world is a great inspiration, especially the deep ocean.

As we roll into autumn and winter, I hope to bring more nature into my artwork and a spooky, mystical, aesthetic to much of my work. I'll be bringing new pieces to Bar Bar Black Sheep so you can enjoy a wide collection of my artworks while you sink into a comfy chair and drink down a delicious hot drink, accompanied by great background music.

"I am ever grateful to Bar Bar Black Sheep for letting me display my work, which is all for sale!"

If you're interested in watching me paint and illustrate live, you can visit my twitch channel over at where I live stream three times a week.

If you feel inspired to find out more then do call us on 01908 804257 or leave a comment below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.