Bar Bar Book Club: When A Monster Calls

The latest Bar Bar Book Club read was When A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. We all thoroughly enjoyed it ...

When choosing When a Monster Calls by Patrick Ness we didn't realise that the book itself was teen fiction. The lady at the local library questioned one of our book club members, "Are you sure you want to read that?". We weren't put off and read the book anyway. In all honesty, we thought this book was a great all-rounder suitable for all age groups.

"Most of our members managed to read the whole thing in an afternoon!"

In our discussion, we mentioned how lovely and well rounded the book was, very well written and a clever metaphor of life and death was threaded throughout. One member mentioned how it would be an ideal introduction for death and separation to a younger audience.

Ness depicts lovely imagery and storytelling through the eyes of the young protagonist hit by the grief of letting go of his mother and accepting the fact that she will never recover from cancer.

What struck us was the fact that the protagonist was a young male which made the discussion about emotions and loss that little bit harder. What was touched upon was the interesting relationship between the young boy and his grandmother. It was very honest and showed how not all grandmothers are softly spoken or full of treats, but are actually the parents of our own parents and who still struggle with letting their own children go.

We agreed the 'Yew' tree was not a monster at all, but almost a focus of comfort; a guardian to help the young boy find his own acceptance in life and aid his journey in growing up.

We rated the book very highly with 5 stars!

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