Royal and Derngate: Witches Can't Be Burned

I have been working with The Royal and Derngate's Young Company Connect exploring the play Witches can't be burned ...

National Theatre Connections is a great festival that engages with youth theatres, schools, colleges, drama groups all around the country. Each group has the opportunity to perform one of ten new plays commissioned for the festival. R&D YC Connect will be performing Witches Can't Be Burned.

Set against the backdrop of a group of students performing Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Witches Can’t Be Burned by Silva Semerciyan explores the changing perceptions of gender, protest and equality, putting Miller’s iconic play, its relevance and its politics on trial.

The full synopsis is, "Fear, ignorance, suppression of ideas, and distrust to anyone who doesn't conform". St Paul's withhold traditional values, everyone knows and accepts their place, the students and teachers.

The prestigious 'Play Fest' is coming up, St Paul's have successfully won three years in a row. They have a reputation for selecting recognised classic plays from the cannon producing them with exceptionally high values.

This year the play St Pauls are presenting is 'The Crucible' by Author Miller. The cast commits fully to the production until Anuka, who is playing the lead Abigail Williams, has an epiphany. She begins to question the play and the depiction of the female characters, the meaning of loyalty, togetherness and the matriarch that surrounds the people of Salem.

Anuka aims to challenge the mundane, 'black and white', ways of the school, standing up for what she believes, injecting colour and vibrancy of free-thinking and speech that shakes Play Fest and the future of St Paul's.

R&D YC Connect has been a pleasure to work with, the creative process has been great collaborating with the young people. The piece explores the perceptions of gender and breaks all expectations.

R&D YC Connect will be performing in Underground 1&2 at The Royal and Derngate Theatre on Friday 28th February, 7:00pm and Saturday 29th February, 1:30pm and 7:00pm.

If you feel inspired to find out more then do call us on 01908 804257 or leave a comment below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.