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A Greener Future At Bar Bar Black Sheep

A change to our takeaway packaging ...


Bar Bar Black Sheep has always led the way when it comes to social issues facing our community and that of the wider world. We've recently been looking at the packaging for our coffee and food ...

Bar Bar Black Sheep wants to help the environment whenever possible!

Bar Bar Black Sheep wants to help the environment whenever possible!

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We have a massive global plastic crisis right now. It seems to be even worse post lockdown with people discarding protective masks which have plastic built in, and they're even finding their way into our rivers, seas and oceans.

"We have switched over entirely to using biodegradable alternatives for
all of our takeaway products!"

Now, all paper used in our coffee and food packaging is chlorine free, meaning the materials will break down in a home or industrial compost environment without leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

Even the plastic used to make the cups for our frappes and iced drinks are made from oil free, fully compostable materials, so we can be sure that anything you take away from Bar Bar Black Sheep will not only be recyclable, but also composible too!

"We at the Black Sheep Collective are conscious of
our social responsibilities!"

We all have to help the environment whenever possible, and we include this in all of our working practises. We believe that our responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations.

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About Sian Philpott ...


Sian was introduced to fire manipulation in 2012 and was immediately hooked. After learning aerial acrobatics she soon progressed to performing in fie shows and assisting in circus workshops.

She joined the Pyrofinalia fire collective in 2014 and has been performing with them ever since. After performing fire shows with Danny Quinn at events around Milton Keynes she was asked to create the Fenceless Arts busking schedule for The Centre:MK and became a full-time member of the Black Sheep Collective.

Sian now helps with the day-to-day running of Bar Bar Blacksheep and continues to perform and run workshops. She is very much looking forward to the future with BSC and the fabulous events they put on.


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