A Human Statue At The Stony Stratford Gallery Opening

Last week we sent on of our human statues out to the opening of the new Stony Stratford Gallery on the high street ...

She definitely fooled many people who made a double take when she'd move slightly in the corner of their eye. She does get around quite a bit, despite being made of stone. Other events she has been present at include The Craufurd Arms street food fair and the launch of local Milton Keynes magazine Circus.

"She also makes regular visits to Queens Court to hang around in the sunshine and enjoys regular shopping trips with her fellow statues!"

The greek statue was the first character created by Sian Philpott. She now has a few more 'faces' and is working on a new one that will be stepping out later this summer. Any one of these characters could be making an appearance at Stony Live as well as Musicians Against Homelessness in June.

Our team of human statues (yes we have many) will be showing up throughout the summer as part of our ongoing Fenceless Art program. Have you seen them? Did you see them move?

If you feel inspired to find out more then do call us on 01908 316856 or leave a comment below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.