Discover The Magic Beans At Bar Bar Black Sheep

As a multi-award winning social enterprise, Bar Bar Black Sheep is committed to using the best products from the most socially responsible supply chain ...

To this end, we searched high and low to find the right coffee for the store. We met many, many roasting operations, visited expos, coffee labs and wholesalers - if it involved coffee, we were there! It took quite some time, a lot of tasting, meetings, planning and exploration then finally the stars aligned.

"And the perfect product was found!"

We're pleased to be the only stockists of Redemption Roast Custom Blend in town, a truly unique coffee product, roasted in the most unexpected of places and a very fine example of an industry 'Black Sheep'. Seriously, how could we say no?

So, how the Magic Beans in our coffee make a positive impact? And how is it that every time you order your 'Hug in a Mug' you are helping to change society in a way that you might not even realise.

Redemption Roasters already know that prisoners are 50% more likely to re-offend if they leave prison without skills and/or a job to move into. They know that to roast speciality coffee, people need exceptional skills.

The self-contained roasting unit is located at Aylesbury Young Offenders Prison and provides offenders with new life chances, training, education and qualifications. Helping offenders to reintegrate into society, the roasting operation gives the young people the necessary skills to craft amazing coffee like no other brand available They learn professional and competition-level barista skills and graduate with the qualifications to work in one of the biggest industries in the world.

Just as sourcing the coffee itself is ethical, Redemption Roasters are showing the whole roasting process can be socially responsible too. The result is a finely crafted cup of coffee that raises the bar for everyone.

When asked by the press for a quote I said, "I can not think of a more appropriate fit for Bar Bar Black Sheep. We can categorically say that from bean to cup, our coffee is the only fully socially responsible product available in the local market.

The fact that we also operate the store as a social enterprise in its own right, means that customers are not just paying for coffee - they are funding an entire network of support schemes, positive action and social change!"

As well as operating the hugely successful and popular suspended coffees scheme, Bar Bar Black Sheep has significantly expanded its community impact and investment through a number of initiatives:

Bar Bar has also donated over £8,500 to local causes, initiatives and projects in Wolverton and the wider Milton Keynes area.

These include funding replacement iPads at MK University Trust Hospital after a theft, replacing a 'Bear Bin' in Greenley's park for the children to engage in environmentally sound activities, funding a trip to Drayton Manor Theme Park for local Primary Bushfield School, sponsoring both of the Wolverton Cricket and Tennis Clubs, Wolverton Lantern Festival, Britain in Bloom and various community events.

All of our staff, artists, directors and associates actively engage in community-based volunteering including litter picks, mentoring and befriending, and volunteer with other socially responsible businesses and groups such as Winter Night Shelter, Water Aid, OCEAN, Q:Alliance, MK Cannabis Club, Nourish The Children Foundation, Help The Homeless MK and the Poppy Appeal.

"We believe in creating thriving social economies, where people and planet come before profit!"

All of the initiatives we have set up, prove to be popular with our guests who regularly support the schemes and we can not thank them enough! We're not blind to the issues that create barriers within our community as well as the wider impact on the social fabric of which we are all a part of.

We believe that everyone has the abilities, skills and resources to grow strong, inclusive and diverse communities. In short, empowering a community to address the issues they face, is often more appropriate and worthy than waiting on assistance or handouts from outside sources.

That's not to say we don't recognise the importance of statutory services, but we have also seen first hand how these services can be better equipped and more robust when the community are involved in some way, big or small!

Interested in Social Enterprise? Want to know more about Bar Bar Black Sheep? Feeling bold and fancy getting stuck in? Think a presentation on Social Enterprise could be useful to your group or project? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

If you feel inspired to find out more then do call us on 01908 804257 or leave a comment below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.