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An Inspiring Art Exhibition At Bar Bar Black Sheep

If you'd like to exhibit your own work, do get in touch ...

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We have an inspiring exhibition at Bar Bar Back Sheep this month. The artists Kathryn Jenkins and Rachael Tew give us a little overview ...

Come and take a look at the Bar Bar Black Sheep exhibition wall to see art from Katheryn and Rachael!

Come and take a look at the Bar Bar Black Sheep exhibition wall to see art from Katheryn and Rachael!

We asked Kathryn for some information on her art. She said:

"'I've been drawing fantasy artwork since I was little as a hobby, and lived in Milton Keynes all my life. I went to The University of Nottingham to study Classical Civilisation; where I developed a real love for mythology and fantasy, but also got involved in table-top roleplaying games and realised I loved horror as much as fantasy.

It was after University, where I found my anxiety and depression was at its worst (which seems to be a common struggle for many twenty-year-olds coming out of uni, college or apprenticeships). I started dedicating my time to learning new techniques in art and using it as a way to express my feelings, and sometimes calm myself down from a panic.

Now, I am in love with art and I want to expand my learning and challenge what makes me comfortable, hence why I have taken the leap to exhibit in hopes of more feedback and hopefully reaching anyone who has been in a similar position, or just really likes weird art!

I'm a full-time games tester and hope to one day improve my art enough to create my own game with it. That's the dream, but for now, I am working on a future Kickstarter for some self-designed poker cards and occasionally doing some artwork for indie table-top games."

Asking Rachael the same question. Here are her thoughts:

"Also known as 'windupwhiterabbit', I'm a Milton Keynes based illustrator and designer originally from Wales. I graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester with a BA Hons in Graphic Design and Illustration.

My work is described as soft, dreamy and inviting, while my subjects are usually rooted in nature, mythology and symbolism with an emphasis on mood and emotion.

I love to paint in watercolours for the texture and feel it brings to my work. My favourite things are rabbits, coffee, rainy days inside and shiny things."

Both Kathryn and Rachael will be exhibiting at Bar Bar Black Sheep from now till November and alll of their work is available to view and purchase.

If you'd like to exhibit your own work, do get in touch.

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More about Sian Philpott ...

Sian was introduced to fire manipulation in 2012 and was immediately hooked. After learning aerial acrobatics she soon progressed to performing in fie shows and assisting in circus workshops.

She joined the Pyrofinalia fire collective in 2014 and has been performing with them ever since. After performing fire shows with Danny Quinn at events around Milton Keynes she was asked to create the Fenceless Arts busking schedule for The Centre:MK and became a full-time member of the Black Sheep Collective.

Sian now helps with the day-to-day running of Bar Bar Blacksheep and continues to perform and run workshops. She is very much looking forward to the future with BSC and the fabulous events they put on.


01908 804257