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Black Sheep Collective: Performance Practice Workshops

Open to all creatives, artists and members of the community ...

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Posted by Georgia Tillery-Randak on 12/03/2021 @ 8:00AM

Black Sheep Collective is hosting a range of free online performance practice workshops open to all creatives, artists and members of the community. This is a great opportunity to be inspired, learn something new and escape the monotony of our present situation ...

Come and join us on one of our performance practice workshops!

Come and join us on one of our performance practice workshops!

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We have a range of performance practice workshops facilitated by professional arts practitioners in a safe inclusive environment, free and open to all which I've detailed below.

Clowning Around - Tuesday 30th March - 7:00pm until 9:00pm

Work with actor and theatre practitioner Jack Smith in this exciting Clowning Masterclass exploring the key theatrical skills of clowning. A chance to play, create and most importantly fail. In this 2-hour whirl-wind of a workshop, you'll have a chance to be your inner clown, feel what it's like to be in a sticky situation and laugh at yourself. Perfect for actors, creatives or anyone that wants 2 hours of fun and something different, very different.

Improv 101: And Scene! - Saturday 3rd April - 11:15am until 1:15pm

To improvise is to feel free! Improv is all around us. It informs our relationships with people. It builds confidence, expression and spontaneity in ourselves. Through practised games like "Quick Change" and "Expert", and scene-making exercises starting with the golden rule "yes and", Improv 101: And Scene! is an empowering space, one which first unearths parts of your imagination you didn't know existed, and then invites you to draw up original characters on the fly! Come and learn this invaluable skill with Tom Scudamore, in this unique performance forum!

Well-being workshop with Becoming Michaela - Tuesday 6th April - 6:30pm until 8:00pm

Becoming Michaela is a platform on Instagram created by actor and singer Michaela Blackburn (Olivier Award-nominated for Our Lady of Kibeho) where she shares her self-love journey to encourage and inspire others to love themselves unapologetically.

Join Michaela's well-being workshop designed to improve self-esteem, confidence and decrease anxiety within a safe supportive space for creatives.

Michaela will be sharing tips and exercises that you can apply and use in your everyday life and professional creative career to help guide you through challenges and ambitions. At the moment as creatives we're going through a difficult time in our careers, so come and join this workshop for some rest-bite and well-deserved self-care.

We invite anyone and everyone to attend and you can discover how to sign up to one of our performance practice workshops in the box you can see below my sig. We have more education, outreach and creative projects coming soon.

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If anything I've written in this blog post resonates with you and you'd like to sign up for one of our performance practice workshops, click here to send an email direct to me and let's get you registered.

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About Georgia Tillery-Randak ...


Georgia grew up in Milton Keynes interested in drama and performance from a young age. She left MK to attend LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) where she studied Community Drama.

During her time in Liverpool, she absorbed the Arts and Culture scene of the city and feel in love with vibrancy and diversity of the arts there. She also studied at ITI (International Theatre Institute) in Singapore where she observed and researched mime and physical theatre as part of a placement.

On returning to Milton Keynes after graduating, along with Danny, they set up Black Sheep Collective CIC in order to fill the gap in the arts scene of Milton Keynes.

Since setting up the organisation, Georgia has written and directed several fringe theatre shows including 'Where's Alice?' and 'Who's Alice?' a twisted adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and most recently 'The Cagebirds' by David Campton. She has established her own style of work nurturing and guiding young talent. She manages and facilitates the Black Sheep creative learning and community outreach program both in Milton Keynes and Northampton.

Georgia is always striving to push the boundaries with her work, allowing opportunities for an audience to question and challenge their beliefs also with an alternative dark twist.


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